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Silk Rose

The Trade Specialists

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Our Story

Incorporated in 2000, Silk Rose Pte. Ltd. is an established player in international trade. We are positioned as a direct-sourcing to market player capitalising on Singapore’s advantage as an international procurement and distribution centre. Based in Singapore, we undertake business activities with business partners all over the world, using the company’s established links to distribution channels and market sources globally.

Our Services



With a solid financial foundation, Silk Rose has build up strong financial credibility with our suppliers and customers. We are able to draw upon substantial credit lines established with top banks and other financial institutions.


We have a team of dedicated people, each with their specialised area of expertise to contribute and to best service the people we do business with. We believe in building long term relationships with our customers.

Cargo Ship at the Port


We understand that breakbulk requires more third-party handling than containerized cargo. If you’re shipping your goods this way, you need to make sure you’re working with a company you can rely on.


With over 15 years of experience in the logistics industry and a history of handling all types of project cargo, Silk Rose has the expertise necessary to facilitate your cargo transportation. We oversee the entire shipping process, from loading the cargo to delivering it directly to its final destination. We can also provide inland transportation using flatbed trucks or even barges.

Our Bankers

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Types of Logistics

Break Bulk Shipping

Bulk shipping refers to goods that are not packaged but loaded loose. We take care of breakbulk cargo all over the world. Our breakbulk and shipping services help you plan the best transport solutions available. Ships used in breakbulk shipping are often equipped with special cranes and other equipment to handle such loads.

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As freight forwarders we play a key role in accelerating the transport of goods by rail and in transporting goods from one country to another. Since we ship a much larger volume than individual freight forwarders, we negotiate better routes and tariffs, the result - you get much better rates.

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Expedited Freight

It is crucial to have a forwarding company that you can trust. At Silk Rose, we are proud to offer the best expedited freight service in the industry. We work with some of the leading lodging companies to move your freight shipments across the world, which helps you get the right lodging rates.

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Our Products


Li-Ion Cells and Battery 

Phone App

Mobile Phones and Accessories

Consumer Electronics

Neat Computer Desk

Computer and Parts 

Ethnic Fabrics

Textiles and Garments

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Medical Products, Pharmaceuticals and Supplies

Led Lamp

LED Lights and


Blue Home Electronics

IT Products

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Scrap Metals

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Thermal Coal


Angular Pipes

Iron Ore Lumps

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Contact Us

Persons to Contact

Managing Director:
Gobind M. Harjani (Gul)

Kay Chan

Other Enquiries:

Bobby Harjani

(+65) 63397117

111 North Bridge Road,

#04-62 Peninsula Plaza,

Singapore 179098

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